Complete Websites

A website/blog written using Python's Flask framework for Obvious Gravity Games. Hosted on Google App Engine.

Another Flask/Python based website. Written to take advantage of Google App Engine Standard pricing and run for free.

Dish Network

Package Optimizer is a tool I created for Sales Agents to simplify their workflow. It solved a major pain point for them by combining many existing tools into one and improved sales by streamlining their sales flow. This tool allows a sales agent to search the Dish Catalog and build a list of channels to quickly find the optimal package for a customer.

Eventually this tool evolved to look like the following screenshot after we switched to a Material design library called Lumx.

A filterable and expandable schedule created for ease of use at the annual Dish Network Team Summit


A placeholder/logo created for the Lagom food company until their full website is complete.

A simple 3D button effect created by layering box-shadows to give 3D feel.

This 404 page was designed to feel like the white noise on the screen of a CRT television.

This 404 page was designed to feel like the white noise on the screen of a CRT television.

I was inspired to create an "8-bit" version of the button click effect after seeing a similar effect in multiple frameworks like Angular Material and Lumx. I accomplished the pixel feel by inserting a canvas into the button and creating the animation with that. In the future I may attempt to create the animation using CSS instead.

I wanted to split an image and distort it to make it appear like it was broken. This was accomplished using VueJS, Stylus and the HTML5 canvas. I used a canvas to split the image into parts and then used VueJS to render each image as a div. I took this opportunity to try out Stylus instead of SASS, my normal css pre-processor. Two different variations of this effect can be seen on the left.


A remake of the classic Windows 95 puzzel game, Bulldozer. Originally written in Python for a game competition in CSCI 1300 which won first place.

This is a standard snake game with some simple AI controllers to challenge you or race against each other.

A remake of classic Minesweeper made for fun over a few hours on a weekend.